The “grinding ratio” that is ignored by too many people is very important.

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           The grinding ratio is “Gringing ratio”. The grinding ratio is the cutting efficiency of the grinding wheel. The less the grinding wheel loss is (including the amount of repaired), the more the workpiece is cut, the higher the grinding ratio, the better the performance of the grinding wheel. . The calculation method is: grinding wheel loss volume/workpiece removal volume. As for the high and low standard data of grinding ratio, the different loss speeds of various kinds of bonding agents (ceramic, resin, rubber, bittering earth, etc.) of the grinding wheel are also different, plus The upper abrasive grade, grain size, softness and hardness, tight structure, various bonding agents and other parameters can compare the correct grinding ratio.


    basic concept:

           The ratio of the amount of material removed to the amount of wear of the grinding wheel is called the grinding ratio.

           Grinding specific energy:

           Grinding specific energy Es refers to the energy consumed to remove unit volume of workpiece material per unit time. It can usually be expressed as: Es=Pmvwapb where: Pm is energy consumption

           Grinding ratio:

           Grinding ratio G=Vwc/Vsc

           Where: Vwc – the volume of the workpiece removed;

           Vsc – the loss volume of the grinding wheel.

           The grinding ratio is an important and commonly used indicator of the economics of the grinding wheel. Grinding is greater than Yu Da, indicating that the wear unit physical examination or quality of the grinding wheel can remove more metal, the use of the grinding wheel Yu economy.

           Since the grinding wheel is composed of three parts of the abrasive binder and the pores, the worn wheel volume Vsc also includes the three parts. The concept of wear ratio Φ is sometimes used to indicate the economics of the grinding wheel when it is used.

           Wear ratio Φ=Vsc/Vwc

           As can be seen from the above formula, the wear ratio is actually the reciprocal of the grinding ratio. The grinding ratio can indicate the grindability of the material, while the wear ratio mainly indicates the wear resistance of the grinding wheel.

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