Silicon Carbide

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    Pure silicon carbide is colorless crystals. The density is from 3.06 to 3.20. The hardness is about 9.5 degrees Mohs. It is general colorless powder particles. After grinding, it can be used as grinding powder, polish paper can be made, and the friction surface of grinding wheel and vermiculite can be made. The sand and the right amount of carbon are placed in an electric furnace to enhance the heat.

    The cutting advantages of silicon carbide:

    1) Thicker cuts and wider range of cuts

    Silicon carbide can be used to cut marble, thick steel plates, galvanized parts, composite materials, etc.

    2) More accurate cutting

    Silicon carbide cutting does not require a mold, which is flexible and convenient. The work-piece does not require special clamping. The operation is simple and convenient. It can be used to cut aircraft precision parts, aerospace parts, optical parts, LED displays, etc. It can also be used to cut any graphics and curves, punching, modeling, etc.

    3) Increased cutting speed

    Compared with pure waterjet cutting, the cutting speed after sanding increases by 20&-30%.

    4) No secondary processing

    Silicon carbide cutting does not cause problems such as discoloration or the like of the cutting object, no excessive dust generation, smooth cutting surface, and almost no burrs.

    Silicon carbide abrasive application:

    There are many places where silicon carbide is used as a raw material. silicon carbide is used for abrasives, for example, a grinding wheel factory. The foundry needs a corundum abrasive material. Precision machinery processing plants also need resin sand as a grinding material. Moreover, the amount of these places are more and are needed for a long time. Silicon carbide manufacturers produce different products according to different grades. The prices of silicon carbide prices are not the same. Customers can choose according to their needs.

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