Introduction to concrete cutting disc

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    Introduction to concrete cutting disc

    Introduction to concrete cutting disc_cutting disc_diamond saw blade_coated abrasive tools_abrasives manufacturer

    Concrete cutting disc referred to as road cutting piece is a diamond cutting tool. Diamond saw blade is mainly composed of two parts: matrix and cutting head.

    The matrix is the main supporting part of the bonding tool head, while the tool head is the cutting part in the use process. The tool head will be consumed continuously in use, while the matrix will not. The cutting function of the tool head is because it contains diamond. As the hardest material at present, diamond is processed by friction cutting in the tool head. Diamond particles, on the other hand, are wrapped in metal. In the process of using, the metal matrix consumes with the diamond. Generally speaking, the metal matrix consumes faster than diamond, so that the sharpness of the cutting head can be guaranteed and the cutting head can have a longer life. The middle part is the matrix of Mn steel, and the outer part is the cutting head.

    According to the appearance of concrete cutting discs can be divided into the following categories:

    1. Continuous edge saw blade and continuous serrated diamond saw blade are generally made by sintering method. Bronze binder is often used as the base material.

    2, Blade type saw blade, serrated, fast cutting speed, suitable for dry and wet cutting methods.

    3. The turbine blade combines the advantages of the above two, and the serrated blade continuously presents the uniform convexity and concavity of the turbine, which improves the cutting speed and service life.

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