Henan Sanders Abrasives Co.,Ltd was founded in November 2016, is a professional manufacturer of emery cloth processing. Our company main products are: Radial Flap Disc,Flap Disc,Flap wheel,Flap Wheel with Shank,Abrasive Belt and Kinds of Fiberglass Backing Plate.With decades of technological innovation and honed, the company successfully developed and built Flap Wheel,Flap Disc production line and Fiberglass Backing Plate production line, successfully realized the large-scale production of abrasive polishing tools.

  •  Aluminium Oxide Flap Disc
    Aluminium Oxide Flap ... Specification:Dia. : 100-180mm Grit No:36-320#
  • Calcined A/O Flap Disc
    Calcined A/O Flap Disc Specification:Diam.: 100-180mm Grit No:36-320#
  • Zirconia Alumina Flap Disc
    Zirconia Alumina Flap ... Specification:Diam.: 100-180mm Grit No:36-320#
  •  Ceramic Grain Flap Disc
    Ceramic Grain Flap Di... Specification:Diam. 100-180mm Grit No:36-320#
  • Radial Flap Discs
    Radial Flap Discs Specification:Diam. : 100-180mm Grit No:40-320#
  • Combined Flap Discs
    Combined Flap Discs Specification:Dia. : 100-230mm Grit No:36-320#
  • Diamond Flap Disc
    Diamond Flap Disc Specification:Diam. : 100-180mm Grit No: 80#, 100#, 120#, 180#, 24...
  • Vertial Flap Discs
    Vertial Flap Discs Specification:Diam. : 100-180mm Grit No:36-320#
  • Non-Woven Flap Disc
    Non-Woven Flap Disc Specification:Diam. 100-180mm Grit No:36-320#
  • PVA grinding wheel
    PVA grinding wheel Specification:100*10*16 , 4 inch Grit No:60-400#
  • Fiber Discs
    Fiber Discs Specification:Diameter :4″, 4.... Grit No:36-320#
  • Hook and loop disc
    Hook and loop disc Specification:Sanding, Grinding ... Grit No:36-320#
  • Strip and Clean Disc
    Strip and Clean Disc Specification:Diameter:4”, 4.5... Grit No: Coarse, Medium, Fine
  • Quick Change Discs
    Quick Change Discs Specification:Material :Premium... Grit No: 24–1200#
  • Felt Discs
    Felt Discs Specification:Dimensions: 4 x 5 ... Grit No:Weight : 4 oz
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